Hi! I’m Jess.

I’m currently a clinical psychology doctoral student at the University of Maryland. I’m also queer and disabled. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, dysautonomia (specifically POTS), and chronic vestibular migraines. When I’m not writing or analyzing data, I enjoy painting, hosting creative social gatherings, and conversations that include the phrase, “that reminds me of something I heard once on a podcast.”

My background is in data science and psychology. When I started working as a data analyst a few years ago, I began to wonder what I could learn about myself (and, by extension, other people) if I put the same kind of effort into analyzing and visualizing the data from my everyday life that I put into the data I analyzed as part of my job.

Data visualization is all about “seeing” things that would otherwise be invisible to us. To varying extents, we live in a world that renders disability, womanhood, and queerness invisible. As a queer, disabled woman I hope to combat that invisibility through this blog. I write about my everyday life living with chronic illness. I also write about the things I like to think and learn about — among them friendship, rupture and repair, learning, health, and maps.

Within these posts, I hope you’ll find a beautiful visualization, learn some science, and hopefully learn something about yourself, too.

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