72 Potential Lies: Results of My 6-month Honesty Audit

One evening a few years ago at my old apartment in Boston, I broke one of our drinking glasses.

The Cost Breakdown of my Interstate Move for Grad School

A few months ago, I moved 400 miles from Boston to southern Maryland to start my PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Maryland.

Sixteen Months of Phone Calls: On Depression, Friendship, and Asking for Help

A year and a few months ago, I came to the sudden, obvious, and highly overdue realization that I was depressed.


Last spring and summer, I went through quite a hard time.

Nine Months of App Dating

Last summer, having recently gone through a breakup and with no real-life romantic prospects to speak of, I turned to dating apps.

Graphing My Feelings

Years ago, I wrote letters back and forth with someone who would draw their feelings when they had trouble expressing themself in words.

Every Time I Said "Sorry" for a Month

A few months ago, I was quite mean to my brother Max.

Analyzing Six Years of Academic Paper Rejections

A number of months ago, my first first-author academic paper was published.

Visualizing a Year of Groceries: Round II

A few months ago, I accidentally bought sugar-free, fat-free pudding.

Visualizing 15 Months of Chronic Pain

Have you ever thought about how stigmatized pain is? I know it’s stigmatized because my instinctual reaction to the idea of making this post was, “but I can’t tell people I have chronic pain!